By firmly observing the motto “The quality and safety of products are our driving force” and continuously investing in infrastructure, technology and staff in the factory, Dim-Komerc has become the only factory in Macedonia to have completed the process from primary all the way to secondary production, or to be exact “From seed to finished product”.

Our motto is:




Dim-Komerc DOOEL from Valandovo was founded in 1992 and has since succeeded in top-notch development and growth, both in production and in technology.

The town of Valandovo is located in the southern part of the Republic of Macedonia. The Gevgelija – Valandovo region is a world-famous ecological environment, abundant in clean and healthy food.

Until 2000, Dim-Komerc worked only in trading, and in May that year decided to make a substantial investment and grow into production capacity for processing fruits and vegetables. The company has technology engineers, machinery engineers and well-trained production workers dedicated to the needs of the consumer. With regard to the demand, the clients are impressed with the superb results in the field of innovations in the production program designed by experts, who monitor the consumer demand on daily basis.

The goal of Dim-Komerc is to always be ahead of the buyer, to enable him to gain trust in the quality of the product. The adjustment of the company to the needs of the market is rising every year, not only in terms of production but technology as well. During the construction of the production facility the latest standards have been applied in the use of construction material, insulation, lighting and ventilation openings, as well as the machine facilities. The production equipment was procured from world-renowned manufacturers.

In 2011, to complete the process “From seed to finished product”, the company invested in own greenhouses with the goal of producing fresh and high-quality raw materials for own production. Thanks to that investment, Dim-Komerc is the only factory in Macedonia to have completed the process from primary to secondary production, or to be precise “From seed to finished product”.


  • Basic business of DIM-KOMERC

The basic business of the company is production and processing of environmentally clean canned products from fruits and vegetables.


  • Assortment of products

– marinated vegetable products in glass and tin packaging from 200 ml to 5 l.

– baked program from various vegetables in glass packaging from 200 ml to 1.5 l.

– ajvar (home-made, industrial)

– compotes from various fruits

– various candied fruits

– marmalades

Products of DIM-KOMERC, in addition to the domestic and Balkan markets, have been marketed in America, Australia and Europe.


  • Market commitment

DIM-KOMERC sells the majority of its products on foreign markets, through pre-concluded contracts. The export orientation imposes the actual need for meeting the requirements and conditions defined by consumers in those countries, and one of them is the implementation and certification of the food quality and safety management system in accordance with the IFS standard.

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